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You are convinced that spaceflight is a technology which is beneficial to our society? You do believe that the exploration of space and usage of its benefits shall not be left only to future generations? Well then make it a topic in your social environment. The more people get to think about the topic, the more the topic itself becomes part of our everyday lives: Technically speaking, space HAS already become a part of our everyday lives.

Inform yourself...

  • Visit space-related websites regularily: Make it part of your daily Internet-routine – stay tuned and learn what is going on in space by checking portals like www.space.com or www.esa.int ...
  • Ask and challenge experts and enthusiasts: Get in touch with your local astronomical society, attend public lectures, contact expert organisations, if you have questions the Internet was not able to answer.

Develop your own opinion...

  • Discuss space topics in your social environment: What are the benefits of Earth observation? Should people live on Planet Mars? Is it O.K. to install military satllites in Earth orbit? Hasn’t that already happened? What does your cosmic neighbourhood look like? Why do we take our daily satellite weather reports for granted, but at the same time, consider the next generation of space telescopes as a waste of money?

Become active: how about the following actions...

  • Write a readers letter to your local newspaper or create an article for your highschool campus radio on the occasion of a space related anniversary or event? www.spacecalendar.com)
  • Invite a space-expert to your regional association: the Austrian Space Forum as well as many other space entities offer speakers for lectures and multimedia-shows in your local adult training centre, municipal library or town hall – contact us for details!
  • Talk with the teachers of your children, with the kindergarden-nurse of your little nephew or the team leader of your local boy scouts association: how about a „space day“ (e.g. on the occasion of the first human spaceflight on April 12th?) including water rocket competitions, an expert lecture and an evening star party with telescopes from you rlocal amateur astronomers association?

Make friends and rally your team!

Things are much easier if you have like-minded people around you: The Austrian Space Forum was established for that very reason. We can offer expertise, an institutional framework for your ideas: through knowledge, enthusiasm and a national and international network. Talk to us!

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