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The Austrian Space Forum

The Austrian Space Forum (Österreichisches Weltraum Forum, OeWF) is a national network for aerospace engineers, scientists and people with a passion for space. Our organization is involved in cutting-edge space exploration research and serves as a communication platform between the space sector and the public; it is embedded in a global network of specialists from the space industry, research and politics.

The OeWF strengthens the Austrian space sector through enhancing the public visibility of space activities.

The Forum has a small, but highly active pool of professional and volunteer members contributing to space endeavours, often in cooperation with other space organizations. The spectrum of our activities ranges from simple classroom presentations to 15.000-visitor space exhibitions, from expert reports for the Austrian federal ministry for technology to space technology transfer activities for terrestrial applications: we are Austria's space network.

In summary, the Austrian Space Forum is...

  • a grass-root space organization, led by space professionals,
  • focussing on space research (e.g. human-robotic Mars exploration) and outreach/education,
  • an independant organisation funded via research projects, donations and outreach activities.

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