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PolAres spacesuit simulator to be tested during ESA field campaign

25.-30. September 2009

From 25th to 30th of September, in conjunction with the National Planetary Platform graduate autumn school, organized by the Netherlands Society for Aerospace - NVR will team up with the European Space Agency to test equipment in a planetary sciences analogue environment at the german Eifel region near Mendig. The Austrian Space Forum will join this field campaign to run integrated tests with it's Aouda.X spacesuit simulator.

Photo: A.Koehler

"This is a very exciting opportunity for us to see the interaction of our suit prototype with externally developed state-of-the-art equipment" Gernot Groemer, the Aouda.X project manager, comments on this test series, "we will also have people from the European Astronaut Center/Crew Medical Support Office taking a closer look at the suit system." One of the main test objectives for ESA will be a series of experiments of the ESTEC ExoHab mobile lab, an elaborate suite of instruments focussing on geophysical analysis of the environment.

These tests will be preceeded by a two day field test on Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner, where ground penetrating radar and subsurface soundign with geoacoustic methods will be studied. This session will be held near the Pasterze glacier where the team expects permafrost regions to provide an excellent opportunity to have a first training session for both the suit testers as well as the operations core staff.

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